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Phillip Garcia US Customs Broker has been providing Customs Clearance, Consulting Service and Logistics Nationwide to the International Community for three decades. 

A U.S. Customs Broker is an essential part of the international trade community. Phillip Garcia US Customs Broker is an extension of your business, we facilitate the importation of merchandise into the US and act as a liaison between the importer and the US Government. 

Besides U.S. Customs there are many other regulatory agencies that get involved in allowing certain products into the U.S. This includes the Food & Drug Administration, U. S. Department of Agriculture, and the Federal Trade Commission to name a few. A US Customs Broker is able to provid
e the necessary tools to allow a smooth entry of the importer’s merchandise thru U.S. Customs as well as these many different regulatory agencies. 

Whenever a problem arises, a US Customs Broker can directly contact Customs on behalf of the importer to resolve any stumbling blocks which may arise. These delays could adversely affect the importer’s business, especially if their product is time sensitive, seasonal, or perishable. Phillip Garcia CHB has a dedicated staff to handle any problem that may arise and offers a wide variety of services in this capacity as a licensed US Customs Broker.
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